BSIS Journal / Spring 2019 Issue

Editor: Albena Azmanova Assistant Editor: Hazel Lincy Ebenezer   The Spring issue of the BSIS journal… Read more

The EU as Refugia: Cash Transfers and a New Transnational Citizenship by Taylor Borowetz

Brexit and Europe’s 4.8%: Understanding the Anti-Islamic Rhetoric of the Brexit Campaign by Hattie Schofield

The Women of Boko Haram: Why Some Women Willingly Join by Jessica Senorina Jasso

Power and Control, State Sovereignty and Governance: Similarities between Intimate Partner Violence and EU Migration Regimes by Brianna Hertford

Categorization of Forced Marriage under International Criminal Law by Verónica Laorden Gómez-Pavón

The issue of Catalonia independence under International law- limits of self-determination by Marina Facchi

Untouchability in International Law: Safeguarding the Rights of Those Classified as ‘Untouchable’ on Social Grounds by Hazel Lincy Ebenezer