BSIS Journal / Spring 2020 Issue

Editor: Albena Azmanova     The Spring issue of the BSIS journal directs our thinking beyond… Read more

The Global Compact on Migration: A Solution to the World’s Labor Migration Needs? by Taylor Covey

The Arctic in the Age of the Anthropocene: Economizing and Colonizing the Seabed Floor by Sarah Jane Strong

Enlightened Sovereign Control – “Every Little Helps” by Silke Shanley

Reactionary Withdrawal: Japan’s 2018 Decision to Leave the International Whaling Commission by Ashlee Cawley

BSIS Journal / Spring 2019 Issue

Editor: Albena Azmanova Assistant Editor: Hazel Lincy Ebenezer   The Spring issue of the BSIS journal… Read more

The EU as Refugia: Cash Transfers and a New Transnational Citizenship by Taylor Borowetz

Brexit and Europe’s 4.8%: Understanding the Anti-Islamic Rhetoric of the Brexit Campaign by Hattie Schofield