Artificial Intelligence and Data Science Group

abstract image of a human head with interconnections and binary background representing artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence and Data Science Group

Head of Group and Seminar Organiser: Dominique Chu

This group brings together interdisciplinary researchers investigating the interface between computer science and the domains of bioscience, cognition and physics.

We develop new algorithms or approaches for machine learning, data mining and visualisation, including new biologically inspired machine learning algorithms, like evolutionary algorithms, swarm intelligence and neural networks. In terms of applying computation to other domains, we have experts in investigating the modelling of human attention, emotions, creativity and reasoning. We also study physical limits of computation (based on e.g. thermodynamics).

MembersĀ are engaged in the following areas of research:

  • Machine learning, data mining and knowledge discovery; and applications in biomedicine, natural language processing, etc.
  • Probabilistic planning and reinforcement learning
  • Modelling of attention, affect and addiction; Salience sensitive control
  • Bio-inspired computing – genetic algorithms, swarm intelligence, artificial neural networks
  • Theory and applications of information visualisation
  • Computational creativity
  • Physical limits of computation