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The Centre for Anglican History and Theology maintains an active schedule of events centring on the study of the worldwide Anglican communion. Bringing together experts and researchers from across disciplines, our events explore key and challenging questions in Anglican studies using a variety of methodological approaches.


Autumn 2021

Inaugural Lecture for the Centre for Anglican History and Theology
Professor Diarmaid MacCulloch FBA, Right in front of our eyes: the English Reformation viewed afresh

Dr Haig Smith, Evangelism and commerce in the 17th century

Spring 2022

Inaugural Annual Lecture in Ecclesiastical History
Dr Andrew Foster, In Praise of Ecclesiastical History

Summer 2022

Professor Benjamin King, The Oxford Movement versus the Abolitionist Movement: John Henry Newman and Henry Edward Manning on Slavery  

Joint Event with Canterbury Cathedral, Justice in the Cathedral: past and present



Contesting the Church in England 1640-70
Organised by Professor Kenneth Fincham, Dr Andrew Foster, Dr Fiona McCall and Dr Rebecca Warren

80th Anniversary Conference on William Temple’s Christianity and Social Order (1942)
Co-hosted with the William Temple Foundation

TP0646-00, Archbishop William Temple, 1937